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28 March 2014

The importance of regular school attendance





The following information is taken from the DEECD website found at:

Daily school attendance is important for all children and young people to succeed in education and to ensure they don’t fall behind both socially and developmentally. Children and young people who regularly attend school and complete Year 12 or an equivalent qualification have better health outcomes, better employment outcomes, and higher incomes across their lives.

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NAPLAN trial tests Wed Aug 6

Information for parents, teachers and students

Our school has been selected to participate in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) trial tests. These tests are important for the development of the final NAPLAN test items and are an integral part of the NAPLAN testing program.

The NAPLAN tests are administered by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). ACARA has commissioned the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to conduct this year’s test trial.

All tests are to be administered on the same morning. Where possible, a minimum of 25 students from each of the selected classes is expected to complete the assigned tests. If students in any of the selected classes are absent on the assessment day, it is requested that students from other classes at the same year level sit the tests to achieve the sample size. Please note that the trial will not be used to report student or class results.

The school does not need to seek permission from parents as the Trialling is part of the National Assessment Program however a parent can withdraw their child in the same way they can from NAPLAN. Parents are asked to notify the school by email or note before the test day if they wish to withdraw their children (no official forms required). We then need to replace the withdrawn students with students from other classes.

Students need to be at school 15 minutes before Advisory if possible so that they are ready to start the first test at 8.45. All materials and equipment will be provided on the day by the school.


VCE/VCAL Three-Way Conferences Please note that the VCE/VCAL Three-Way Conferences will be held at Fitzroy High School on Tuesday 29/7 from 11.20am-7pm (Collingwood teachers available from 1.30pm). Students will not be expected to attend Fitzroy classes on that day in sessions 2 and 3. Collingwood classes will still be running in session 2.  Booking Instructions for parents: 

1. Go to

2. (VCE) Enter the event code 7BYJ8 and click “Go”

3. Enter your details (please enter your email address in case we need to contact you)

4. Choose your class teacher

5. Choose a time.

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Learn about our teams

A team structure forms the basis of the Fitzroy High School model.

Groups of students and teachers are allocated teams, allowing all members of the team to get to know each other well.  Students stay in the same team for Years 7 and 8 before moving into new teams in Years 9 through to Year 12.

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RACV/Channel 7 Semi - Finalist Workshop

The ‘Drink Driving’ VCAL team participated in the semi- finalist workshop on Friday 23 May 2014, at the Melbourne Convention Centre. The purpose of the workshop was to provide students with support and expertise in further investigating road safety and media. Various speakers presented practical information which provided a framework for our team to discuss their ideas, and then refine and further develop their concept.

A total of 118 design briefs were submitted to the RACV and Channel 7. Of these 18 were selected as semi – finalists. We are very excited at being one of the lucky 18. We have until Friday 27 June 2014 to resubmit our concept for final judging.

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