The biggest challenge for schools today is the same as in the past – how to best prepare young people for the future.

Today that future is arguably less certain than in the past. Young people will be required to solve problems we don’t yet know about, take on careers in fields that are not yet imagined, and face emerging issues concerning the environment, the use of technology, and the processes of


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Dyslexia affects about 10% of the Australian population!

Dyslexic kids are often highly gifted, they simply learn differently. Learning assistance for dyslexia has limited funding, with parents and schools doing what they can. But it’s often in isolation with lots of conflicting information -­â€Â a bit like swimming in mud with a blindfold!

A Dyslexia Support Group is therefore being set up for FHS parents, teachers and surrounding community.

Come along to the first meeting and find out more:

When:   Wednesday 26th October

Time:    7.00 to 8.30 pm

Where: Fitzroy High School

For further information:  Contact David Huxtable 0419 592886

VCAL Project 2016

Dear Fitzroy Community 

For our senior VCAL project we have proposed to create a space in the school for students to  record music.

We will need egg cartons to use as an inexpensive and sustainable source of “sound proofing”, if you could save up and or gather your empty egg cartons and bring them to the school office it would be really appreciated.

Thank you 

Senior VCAL Team FHS

Click on link for full poster view: >> VCAL - MUSIC <<