A personalised approach to learning – enhancing skills and developing talent

"The personalisation of Fitzroy High allowed me to be involved in a wide range of activities - designing andconstructing a kitchen garden, participating in poetry projects which led to newspaper and radio interviews, an Artists in Schools program and the opportunity to do two VCE subjects early.

The ability to choose and control my own education in such a way felt at Fitzroy like a very normal thing, and it is this fact that rendered my experience at the school unforgettable" 2011 Dux

Fitzroy High School is committed to personalising the curriculum.

By identifying students’ strengths in areas of academic achievement and attitudes to learning, we can focus attention on areas where students need to develop and grow.

A personalised approach to learning gives students a stake in their education. It also allows teachers to know students on a more personal level, and provides opportunities for families to be involved in their child’s education.

Personalising learning addresses the unique strengths, interests and priorities of individual students with the guidance and support of their teachers and families.

The process is a valuable learning experience that teaches students to set goals, evaluate their work and take greater responsibility for their learning.

Along with current demands of the school standards and curriculum, it is our belief that students should expect to find each school day meaningful, exciting and a reflection of their life outside the classroom as well as within.

A personalised approach to learning gives students and their teachers an opportunity to ensure interesting and meaningful activities for every child.

It provides a vehicle to involve and motivate learners, and support discussions with parents and carers ensuring a more holistic approach to a student’s education.

Each student has a Personal Learning Plan developed through discussion with the student and their parents/carers. The Personal Learning Plan sets out aspirational goals in major areas of learning, including literacy and numeracy.